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Financial Advantages

Financial Advantages

Living at The Covington is a smart financial choice. The Covington offers a 90% re-occupancy benefit, which preserves your parents’ financial assets by returning 90% of the entrance fee to them or to their estate, should they leave the community. It’s paid when their residence is re-occupied. This benefit is guaranteed for the length of their stay. What’s more, should they decide to leave for any reason within the first 90 days of occupancy, 100% of their entrance fee will be returned.

A Measure of Security That’s Nice to Have

The Covington is South Orange County’s premier Life Plan community. In addition to Independent Living, we provide a full range of health care services. When your parents sign a Life Plan agreement with us, we make a commitment to provide care, under the terms of that contract, for the rest of their lives.

Other Financial Benefits

  • Freedom from monthly bills and maintenance costs associated with owning a home
  • Tax benefits associated with entrance fee and monthly fees
  • 90% reoccupancy benefit
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